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Distributors are facing stiff competition to gain and maintain customer loyalty from online retailers and manufacturers that are replacing distributors. They need to provide comprehensive and effective services to circumvent the market dynamics, compounded by extreme volatile business cycles, and business consolidation. This type of growing competition takes a toll on revenues, profits and margins, and the profitability of the company is seriously jeopardized.

All the above challenges calls for maximizing profitable product life cycles, offer value added services, increase efficiency and look towards managing supplier and customer long-term relationships. Key to the decision making process is real time data and customer information.
What we offer
Ansai’s wholesale distribution solution for small and mid-market distribution companies is a business process management suite addressing all challenges of the sector and enriches customer service, reduces cost aiding quality decision making.
Our Distribution Solutions
We at Ansai always believe in providing the organizations with the ability to address these challenges quickly and effectively and also deliver the real results that offer bottom line savings. The core functionalities of a wholesale distribution system involve;
  • Leads Management: Precursor to Sales Management forms a major part of CRM strategy. Facilitates business profitability by creating market presence.
  • Opportunity Management: Sales opportunity that has definite revenue associated to it. It is of extreme importance to the sales management cycle as the new customer is qualified through multiple stages before closing.
  • Account Management: Ensures the proper control of customer accounts.
  • Territory Management: Maintains unique territory identities and for revenue forecasts.
  • Sales Forecast: Organizing and analyzing information-forecasting sales potential.
Functional modules
  • Advanced Inventory Control & Transportation Management
  • Category Management & Advanced Customer Price Sheets
  • Rebate & Promotional Management
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • On-line Vendor Catalog Review and Processing without Actual Product Entry
  • Product Specifications and Data Sheets Storage, Printing and On-line Review
  • Central and Local Purchasing
  • Public and Private Warehousing
  • EDI Enabled
  • Barcode, Data Collection, RF & RFID Enabled
  • Full Financials and Accounting
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Ansai Tech

Welcome to Ansai Tech

Ansai Tech was founded in 2012 by Srinivas.Uppu, an entrepreneur and experienced business innovator with 20 years of experience in strategy, driving long-term growth, and streamlining operations using the latest technology-based solutions.

Srinivas.Uppu founded Ansai Tech to provide full spectrum IT solutions, including outsourcing and managed services, with an emphasis on long-term relationships and delivering measurable results based on clients' Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The full suite of services includes:

  • Staffing
  • Hadoop
  • Network Security
  • Application Development
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Business Intelligence
  • ERP and CRM Implementations
  • Mobile Web Applications
  • Database Management
  • Computer Programming
  • eCommerce
  • Supply Chain Management

Our Approach

Today's world moves quickly, and we provide the solutions that allow our clients to keep pace with their competitors, while focusing on what they do best - running their businesses. The reason we focus on long-term client relationships is because we can add more value by anticipating and responding to the changes in their industries. At Ansai Tech, we judge ourselves by a few simple metrics,

Ansai Tech

of our solutions

Ansai Tech


Ansai Tech



At Ansai Tech, we see ourselves through your eyes. We want to be the market leader - not just through thea quality of services we provide, but for our relationships with our clients and our recruitment and retention of our staff.

Whether you are a FORTUNE 500 company, a small business, or a medium-sized corporation, we want to build a long-term strategic relationship with you that's mutually beneficial from the beginning and evolves as technology changes, strategies develop, and your company grows.

We've developed the expertise that has helped us build the best team and provide the highest return on investment for our clients' consulting and technology budgets.


Our mission is to synergize the needs of our clients with the highest level of expertise through our strong network channels. It seeks to do this through providing all-time support and delivering cost effective solutions of strategic value to our clients,

through joining creative forces with our customers, keeping in mind the high-quality, high-speed, result-oriented and low-cost principle,

through recruiting, retaining and training qualified employees, and through ensuring the best work environment to our consultants and staff.


  • Value clients morale and cater their needs with highest quality
  • Establish long-term value-chains and partner with our customers
  • Ensure superior performance and positive business relationships
  • Provide flexibility to adapt to the changing technology and to customers requirements
  • Ensure employees comfort

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